Discover on Demand: Biomimicry: Inspired by Nature with Licia!

05/01/2023 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CT


  • $5.00  -  Burr
  • $15.00  -  Bats
  • $25.00  -  Gecko
  • $50.00  -  Pitcher Plant
  • $100.00  -  Humpback Whale



Discover on Demand is an environmental education series provided by the North Lakeland Discovery Center program staff. On the first of every month through May we will post a pre-recorded lecture on a different environmental topic relevant to the Northwoods. The programs are around an hour long and are great for teens and adults. 


Register any time, and you will receive an email from Licia on May 1 before 10 am with the link to view the program.  You will have access to, and be able to view the program as many times as you would like until May 8.   


As humans, we find inspiration in nature wherever we go - while out on a hike, canoeing a river, listening to the birds...but nothing is more fascinating than the way we have used incredible natural adaptations to enhance our own lives.  Join us to learn about many of the ways we have "borrowed" ideas from nature for human innovation!